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Naturally Chic Affiliate Program Onboarding

Welcome to the Naturally Chic Canada Affiliate Program   



To start, click the link below to register. Once  registered you will then be able to access your Affiliate Dashboard.




Go to your email and open the confirmation, within you will find your link to log in. If you ever lose this link, you can just LOG IN HERE anytime. 


Once you have logged in, set up your payment settings. You can select to be paid via PayPal, or bank transfer. Affiliates receive 10% from every order generated through their individual link. 



Implement banner ads into your website, store, or blog, and link it to your unique Affiliate code. You MUST INCLUDE YOUR LINK when sending traffic to our store, otherwise we cannot track the activity. 

Your Affiliate referral code is located on the homepage.  See screenshot below:

You will find a selection of banners in the Banners Tab. If you need a specific size please contact us and we will prepare one for you. You can easily download the banner image, or generate an embed code. Again, just make sure that the image is linked to your affiliate tracking code, and then you are all set! 



Okay, you're all set to start earning affiliate revenue!


Orders and Payments

Whenever an order is generated through your referral you will receive an email notification. Any referrals generated through your link will be automatically paid out each month to your payment method selected. At anytime, you can log into your affiliate dashboard and see your incoming earnings, payouts and sales history.

At any time if you have questions or ideas, please feel free to Contact Us or message us directly through the store chat!


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