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From Leaf to Table - The Perfect Choice is Palm

Weddings and Special Events

Wedding and event planners know that it's all about the little details. Our palm leaf dinnerwear line is a beautiful, unique choice to compliment weddings and other celebrations. Whether your wedding or event is rustic, beachy, indoors or outside your guests will love these eco-friendly products. 

Catering Businesses

Join the eco-friendly catering movement! Delight your diners with our unique line up of palm dinnerware, the perfect backdrop to any delicious catered meal. Our products are durable, perfect for hot and cold dishes, and require no clean up after the meal is finished. 

Food Festivals and Large Events

If you are coordinating a large food event, try to be kind to the environment. Our disposable palm leaf plates and bowls are naturally stylish, lightweight and durable. As a guilt free use-and-throw product, palm leaf plates can easily be composted and biodegradable. 

Food Trucks and Stalls

Our palm leaf plates and bowls are perfectly suited to mobile food trucks or event food stalls, where customers will most likely consume food or drinks in close proximity to where the food is served.  Choose a stylish takeaway option that is durable, unique and eco friendly. 

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