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Bagasse hinged-lid containers 600ml / 20oz, rectangular (500pcs.)

The environmentally friendly bagasse containers with hinged lid are suitable for takeout to go dishes. The indicated filling volume refers to the maximum filling amount of the bottom of the containers. Due to their arched lids, the total filling volume is 600ml but it may vary, depending on the particular dish. Made from a by-product of the sugar production. No additives and coatings. Temperature resistant from -25°C to 220°C. Suitable for oven and microwave.  Resistant to hot and greasy dishes up to 130°C. Biodegradable.
  •  DFC01305
  •  900
  •  18
  •  185
  •  130
  •  70
  •  280
  •  680
  •  380
  •  10

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