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Biodegradable Raw Straws, 190mm / 7.5" (1000 pcs.)

Min quantity: 1 Box  (1000 straws per box)

Our longer 7.5 inch Raw Straws are ideal for cocktails, soft drinks, larger coffee drinks, and any beverages served in medium-to-tall glasses or cups. 

Naturally Chic Raw Straws are environmentally friendly straws, made from a by-product of wheat production. After wheat is harvested the decomposable stalks are used for various purposes such as animal feed - and in our case, drinking straws! Although made from wheat, there is no actual grain involved in the production of Naturally Chic's Raw Straws, therefore they are gluten free!

Reducing use of the worlds' plastic straws is becoming a huge trend, and for great reason! In the US alone, over 500 million plastic straws are used daily. Our straws are made from wheat stalks - we use no plastics or chemicals in our manufacturing process, and these straws are fully biodegradable, reducing environmental impact on the earth.

NOTE:Wheat Straws are a completely natural plant product. For this reason they do not perform entirely like conventional plastic straws. They are excellent for bar drinks, soft drinks, water and thin liquids, but due to their rigidity and smaller diameter, are not suitable for milkshakes, smoothies and thick drinks.


  • NC001S01000

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