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Palm leaf tea spoons, 14cm / 5.5" (2000 pcs.)

Min quantity:  2000 Items per pack
Dimension : 6'' long | 0.6 '' spoon depth

For wood-like spoons that are sturdy and rustic while being disposable and biodegradable, look no further!  Our cutlery is created from fallen palm leaves in Southern India - sustainably sourced and never taken directly from the tree itself. The palm leaves are then hot-pressed into the spoon’s shape - with NO added chemicals or plastics! This creates a beautiful, rustic wood-like material that is more sturdy than plastic or paper, while being completely biodegradable and natural!

Naturally Chic’s spoons are perfect for serving desserts, ice cream, soup, cake, or any other dish that needs a sturdy spoon! Ideal for parties, camping, beach days, weddings, and more! 

Note in regard to stability and taste neutrality: Palm leaf products are intended for the short-term consumption of food. If used as packaging with longer storage time, the plates are only suitable for dry products. In case of longer filling times prior to consumption, palm leaves might absorb the food's moisture. This process may lead to harmless taste impairments (hay-like or woody) of the dishes. Therefore, please note: Do not fill bowls and deep plates with liquid dishes (e.g. soup) for longer than 15 minutes before consumption; damp or fatty food no longer than 30 minutes before consumption. If you require and/or desire longer filling times, please check the food in terms of sensorial changes (taste and odour) after the recommended maximum filling time. 


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